Aim of the School

The aim of Saint Lawrence School is the education of the Catholic Community around and extends its services to members of other communities as well to the extent possible. The school aims at the formation of intelligent and morally sound, sensitive youths ready to take up their place in the world. While the school stands for academic excellence and character formation, its ultimate aim is the integral development of each individual person based on the love of God and the service to man with a view of training citizens remarkable for all round development and sincere commitment to God and humanity. To effect this end the educational experience and dedication of the SVD Fathers and Staff is to be combined with the cooperation of parents, and the generosity, idealism and pliable ness of the youth.

The Society runs English Medium schools at the request of different parents who feel the need for English Medium Education. These mainly cater to the better class (financially) who cannot otherwise send their children to vernacular schools due to transferable jobs. We expect the parents to meet the entire expense of education themselves as the state government or other agencies do not give any financial help to us. Therefore we expect generous and whole-hearted contribution from the parents, and the fee levied will be to meet the salary of the staff and other running expenses of the school.

Saint Lawrence School prepares the students for the ICSE and ISC Examinations conducted by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination, New Delhi, which is internationally recognized for its excellence. This high standard has been maintained in the school over the years. Its product is a student who not only has a fine knowledge in the required subjects, but also has developed the ability to reason clearly and accurately. The syllabus of the Indian School Certificate (ISC) at the end of Class XII Examination is the same as for the Senior Cambridge Examination. The certificate has been accepted by the Indian Universities for the entrance to Degree Courses. The Indian Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (ICSE) is an examination conducted at the end of Class X and is recognized by the Universities as equivalent to Matriculation or School Leaving Certificate Examination.

objectives of our education

Intellectual and cognitive skills through creative and well organized academic programmes and co curricular activities
Emotional and psychological maturity through extracurricular activities and counseling.
Health and bodily fitness through games, sports, yoga, karate and exercises
Moral and spiritual growth through value education
Social sensitivity and leadership through group activities and exposure programmes