about us

Saint Lawrence School was established in 1986 and is administered by the Divine Word Educational Society (DWES). The members of the Society, popularly known as the SVDs or Divine Word Missionaries, belong to an international Congregation of the Catholic Church, well known for its noble and humanitarian works like education, human welfare, dispensaries and village health etc., promoting cooperation and human solidarity.

Saint Arnold Janssen, who was born on November 5, 1837 in Goch, Germany on the Lower Rhein and died on January 15, 1909, started this society. He was a Mathematics teacher himself. He was canonized in 2003. This society is supported by the generous contribution of persons who appreciate their work and who like to better the lives of the less privileged.

Saint Lawrence, the School Patron Saint, was an Archdeacon during the time of Pope Sixtus. After the martyrdom of Pope Sixtus, the Roman Emperor Valerian ordered Lawrence to hand over the treasures of the church to the emperor. But Lawrence sold them all for the benefit of the poor and presented the poor as the true treasures of the church. This infuriated the emperor and he ordered Deacon Lawrence to be arrested and killed by being slowly roasted on a gridiron. Hence he is declared the patron saint of the poor.

objectives of our education

Intellectual and cognitive skills through creative and well organized academic programmes and co curricular activities
Emotional and psychological maturity through extracurricular activities and counseling.
. Health and bodily fitness through games, sports, yoga, karate and exercises
Moral and spiritual growth through value education
Social sensitivity and leadership through group activities and exposure programmes